You do not have to join the club straight away.  You can come to 4 sessions on a Wednesday night – the cost is £5 per session.  Then when you join, this amount will be deducted from your membership fee.

So what are the benefits in joining the club?

-Free coaching on Wednesday nights – Use of club equipment – Club trips – BC affiliation-

2018 Membership Fees

Family Adult (18 or over)  Student and under 18 Addition yearly payment per individual if using club boats
£65 £40  £25 £30 Up to a maximum of £40 for a family.


– Family membership (two adults and two children) + club boat use = £65 + (£20 x 2 max) = £105
– Student + club boat use = £25 + £30 = £55

Download your 2018 Membership  Form here 


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