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    cramer john

    401K savings plans are great in general, and do have some advantages, but they also pose a risk if you make the wrong decisions. The greatest obstacle in accumulating significant amounts of money, for any purpose not just funding your retirement, is TAX! That’s right! Tax is your biggest enemy, either you are self-employed or a salaried employee, and this is where the 401K retirement plan comes in handy, it allows you significant wealth growth in a tax free environment!

    But in order to retire as early as possible and keep contributions to your 401K safe, and not risk ruining your retirement in case prestaciones the stock market does horribly bad, on the very year you plan to retire… just observe the following 401K early retirement tips:

    Plan carefully, consider a self-directed 401K, this allows you to choose where your hard-earned money will be invested. Be in control and don’t take anyone else’s advice unless they are independent advisors and not related to the 401K industry.

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